Re-Roofing Preparations and Expectations

Posted by Caitlin on 02/08/2012


1)       Trucks will be unloading materials to your home and the construction process will start soon thereafter. We will attempt to give you a specific day and time as to when construction will begin and end, however weather permitting, material and construction delays do not make this possible.

2)      Be prepared for the noise. There will be constant hammering and air compressors for the duration of the project. You may want to plan some time away from the house while work is in progress.

3)      Please keep any children and/or pets away from the work area.

4)      Remove all loose items from shelving and walls, (i.e., pictures, mirrors, plates, etc). Hammering may create vibration that could shake these items off the shelves and walls.

5)      Remove all items from around the exterior where debris may fall, (i.e., patio/pool furniture, grills, potted plants, vehicles, boats, bikes, etc).It is extremely important to move or protect any and all items with valuable finishes.

6)      We take every precaution to protect your plants, trees and shrubs, however, some leaves or blooms may be knocked off from falling debris, especially on steep roofs.

7)      Access to your driveway is needed for loading and unloading materials, debris removal, and clean-up.

8)      If rotted wood, deteriorated or defected decking is found during construction, GRACO will not be held liable and construction may be deferred. We will replace rotted wood, deteriorated or defected decking on a time and material basis and there will be a charge to you, the customer.

9)      All measures will be taken to prevent damage to gutters and/or any reset items, however there are instances where damage is unavoidable, especially on very steep roofs or where there may be some rotten or rusted areas.

10)   GRACO does not cover interior nail pops, cracks and pre-existing damage that was not covered in your claim and/or noted on your scope of loss or contract.

11)   Debris removal and clean-up will be taking place for the duration of your job. Nails that fall from the roof during the job will be picked up with a magnetic nail roller. Every effort will be taken to pick up all nails; however a few hidden nails may remain in the grass or shrubbery.

12)   Removal of shingles can cause some granules or dusting to enter into your home (roof/attic areas) through the spacing between decking. We are not responsible to clean these areas.

13)   We will not be held liable for any damage done to electrical lines, A/C hoses or pipes that are improperly installed too close to the bottom of the roof deck or an outside wall as these items can’t be seen where our work is taking place and per code should not be close to the decking.

14)   Removing and resetting of your satellite dish can cause loss of reception and may require re-alignment. If your satellite does not work after our installation, please contact your satellite provider. This is reimbursable through your insurance claim.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!