Mule-Hide TPO Systems

The long-held promise of performance behind the Mule-Hide name, trusted in roofing since 1906, continues today with premium quality low-slope products.  Thermoplastic polyolefin is made for superior strength and weatherability.  The Mule-Hide TPO Roof is lightweight yet highly resistant to tears, impact, punctures and wind uplift.  The Mule-Hide TPO membrane handles building thermal expansion and contraction with minimal shrinkage for watertight integrity.


What can you expect from your Mule-Hide TPO Roof?  

Installed Cost Value: Other white membranes command a premium price, but thanks to manufacturing technology originally developed in the automotive industry (impact and UV resistant bumpers), a Mule-Hide TPO Roof is the "Affordable White Roof." Wide membrane sheet width means fewer seams and that means lower labor costs.

Longer Roof Life:  Thicker top ply means more product on top of the scrim where you need it most, one of the thickest top plies in the industry.

Energy Efficient: White and light-colored surfaces have been shown to reflect up to 78% of the sun's   rays to reduce air-conditioning costs. The superb reflectivity and emissivity of white TPO even reduces the heat build-up under the membrane.

Easier to Clean and Maintain:  Can be cleaned to retain like-new appearance.