GAF Vented Ridge CrestMany components are necessary to provide a complete roof system for your home or business. Ventilation, flashing, guttering , skylights and underlayments all play a part in providing the right protection for your structure. The proper roof accessories can help extend the life of your roofing material, reduce utility expenses and add aesthetic character to the overall appearance of your property.

Proper ventilation accessories are one of the best investments you can make to insure proper performance of your new roof. Below we have highlighted some of our most used ventilation accessories from our friends at GAF.

Roof Accessories

There are many accessories that can increase the lifespan of your roof. Proper attic ventilation systems allow a continual flow of outside air through the attic, protecting the efficiency of the insulation and helping to lower temperatures in the living space. Poor attic ventilation can ruin your insulation, destroy your shingles, and raise your energy bills.  

Attic ventilation can impact the longevity of their entire home. The Federal Housing Administration recommends a minimum of at least 1 square foot of attic ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic space. In the summer months, improper ventilation can cause attic heat to build in excess of 160°F. A properly ventilated attic can help reduce the load on your air conditioner by moving the super-heated air out of your attic before it builds up and causes damage.

In the winter
, improperly ventilated attics will allow moisture build-up to collect and cling to the underside of the roof. The moisture will condense and fall, soaking the attic insulation and reducing its efficiency. Attics should also be properly ventilated to help prevent ice dams.  Ice and snow on a roof will melt and run down the deck to the cooler eaves. This run-off can re-freeze, creating an ice dam that may force water back up under the shingles and leak into your home. Adequate attic ventilation reduces the amount of initial melting that occurs on your roof, thereby reducing the chance that ice dams will form.

Master Flow® Green Machine™ Solar-Powered Roof Vent (Exhaust). Removes damaging heat and moisture from your attic... without the need for an electrical connection.

Master Flow® Safety Caps for Chimneys . Provides protection against dangerous sparks while reducing downdrafts, clogging, soot, and creosote build-up.


Master Flow®Rotary Turbine Vents (Exhaust) . Deluxe turbines are designed with upper and lower stainless steel ball-bearing systems for years of trouble-free operation.


Cobra® Ridge Vent. (Exhaust)  The original Cobra® Ridge Vent — protects over 2 million homes!


Apollo Tile Solar RoofingApollo
Lightweight roof-integrated modules, designed for integration with flat, concrete tile roofing products utilizing polycrystalline silicon technology


Apollo II™ Solar RoofingApollo II
Lightweight roof-integrated modules designed for integration with asphalt shingles utilizing monocrystalline silicon technology.


Solstice Solar RoofingSolstice
Aesthetically pleasing, rack mounted modules utilizing monocrystalline technology. CertainTeed's most efficient solution.


PowerMax Solar RoofingPowerMax
Aesthetically pleasing, rack mounted modules utilizing copper-indium-selenium (CIS) thin film technology.