Chapel Hill United Methodist Church

Posted on 02/03/2012

Chapel Hill United Methodist Church has had an association with Graco Roofing & Construction for approximately 2 years. Graco has been our only General Contractor and has performed admirably in every situation.

Chapel Hill first became associated with Graco and Doug Gray in 2010 following the terrible hail storm that left so much devastation in and around Oklahoma City. Chapel Hill suffered over $1MM in damages from that storm and hired Graco to handle the numerous repairs. Chapel Hill could not be happier with the performance and attention to detail that Doug has continued to provide. We are currently involved in a major renovation of our Sanctuary and Graco is once again the GC for the project. Doug works extremely well with our Architects and others, including our Board of Trustees.

Doug was instrumental in meeting with insurance adjusters as well as engineers and architects to maximize coverage and settlement amounts. Thanks to Doug, Chapel Hill settled for almost triple the original estimates of damages.

Personally I would recommend Graco and Doug for any project that requires expertise, whether it involves roofing or general construction. The level of performance provided by Graco has exceeded any past associations with others. Having Graco as our GC enabled me to focus on other issues while not having to be overly concerned with facilities issues.

Randy Rush

Chief Financial/Administrative Officer