M. D. Hicks

Posted on 04/04/2013

Hi Caitlin,

When my father-in-law passed away at the age of 90 in 2010, my wife and I inherited his house in Midwest City.  Since he had been sick for the last couple of years, maintenance and needed repairs were put on the back burner.  Once we took control of the house it was obvious that some repairs and remodeling was badly needed  Our daughter was getting married in six months and wanted to live in her grandparents house, so we had to get busy making things livable for the newlyweds.  One particular area of concern for us was the very poor condition of the sunroom.  The low interior ceiling was falling down, sky lights were leaking water, vinyl flooring was coming apart, windows were broken and the roof was in need of repair.

I have had the privilege of knowing Doug Gray for the last ten years or so.  I knew he would give me a fair and honest evaluation of the remodeling job needed for the sunroom.  When we met at the house to discuss what could and should be done, Doug gave me several choices to consider (which I greatly appreciated).  Doug answered all of my questions with clarity and tremendous knowledge.  We choose to have Graco Roofing & Construction completely remodel the room.

We were extremely happy with the cost and results of the remodel!  The sunroom has never looked better!  They even raised the entire roof and ceiling!  Doug and his team did a great job making the room much more appealing, warm and fun.  I was very impressed that Doug was always on top of the job from beginning to end.  He was present and available to me at anytime.  I would strongly recommend Graco Roofing & Construction to anyone needing roofing and/or construction work done.    


M. D. Hicks

Registered Representative

ING Financial Partners, Inc.